The Coorong

Wake to a flat calm with mist rising over the water and the sun rising over the mainland.  The islands appear to float in the mist and the waters of the Coorong lagoon shine like burnished bronze in the light of the rising sun as you climb the sand hills behind your campsite on the Younghusband Peninsula to watch it rise.
Coorong paddling is a wilderness experience with bush camping and can be strenuous.  It is often a windy place where the sky and water dominate the landscape and we meet lots of wildlife.  You must be a competent paddler and wear a spray deck.  Come prepared for all weather conditions and be prepared to do some walking either over sandbars, rock shelves or just a stroll across the dunes to the Southern Ocean.   You must be completely self sufficient, carrying all the water, food and equipment you will need on the trip in your kayak.